Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP):

Maria Jo„o with Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora

In order to check critically health, character and beauty of Dobermanns, the Dobermann Verein (DV) invented many years ago the Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP). The goal of the ZTP is to admit only Dobermans to stud which accomplish a certain minimum-standard. This is necessary to exclude mayor faults in health, character or confirmation from the breed. On the other hand Dobermans particularly valuable for breeding are identified. 

Approved dogs have to reach in confirmation a "V" (excellent),  "SG" (very good) or at least a "G" (good - only for bitches) . The character is judged in two grades: "1 A" for an excellent character and "1 B" for a very good character. Excellent health is necessarily asked to pass a "Fit For Breeding Test". That goes for the approved dog also as for its both parents.

For Dobermans of the German breed the ZTP is obligatory. For the rest of the world the ZTP is optional. In many countries the ZTP is increasingly performed by ambitious breeders. We are in favor of a further spreading of the ZTP in order to assure the right development of the Doberman breed in terms of health, character and confirmation.

Our breeding bitches have successfully passed the ZTP.