Dalton and Yana: We have got puppies from a top-combination in character and beauty

Successful Youngsters (1st litter Dalton x Yana):  
Camelot, Carmina und Cassandra Nobilitatis


After not having bred in 2003 Gravin Yana van Neerlands Stam is now having her last litter. As sire we chose Black Dob Magic Dalton, who proved already his superior value in combination with Yana: . We know that in combination with the high standard of Yana outstanding puppies both in character and in confirmation are to be expected.

With this combination we pursue well known bloodlines of champions, which have influenced the breed during decades worldwide.

Black Dob Magic Dalton


Gravin Yana van Nęerlands Stam 

HD 1, SchH 1 - Schutzdienst (C) 96 Punkte, ZTP Exc. 1A (Hans Wiblishauser), BH
Kurpfalzsiegerin  2000 - Best in Show, Europasiegerzuchtschau 1998: Exc. 4 with 22 months, Youth-Champion Strassbourg (France), Youth-Champion and Best in Show Metz (France) 
(Graaf Sandor van Nęerlands Stam -  IPO 1, ZTP V 1A x Gini Haiquin de la Taničre d´Or - Dutch Champion, IPO I)

Fit for Breeding Test with best grade, both in confirmation and character  (ZTP V 1A): 

Self-confidence: High
Temperament: High
Readiness for working: High
Working drives: Very high
Bite: Full, calm and strong 

Gravin Yana van Nęerlands Stam is a very elegant bitch with extraordinary working drives. On the working field she is extraordinary fast and there is no way of impressing her to slow down. She has got a lot of courage and self confidence.  

She showed this also in her Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP), where she gained the best grades ZTP Exc. 1A. She did also an excellent job during her Schutzhund SchH 1 with 96 Points of possible 100 in man work. 

Yana is particularly friendly with people and she adores children. She patiently can spend hours with a stick or a root in her mouth, waiting for a possibility to play.  When it finally comes to the desired action, she runs like a fool in somersaults behind the stick.  

In terms of confirmation various details can be highlighted: her excellent angulations, her long and dry neck and her beautiful head with parallel planes. At exhibitions she was from the beginning very successful: 

Kurpfalzsiegerin 2000, Best in Show 

Exc. 4 Europasiegerschau 1998 with 22 months

Winner Youth-Class Zollern-Baar December 1997

Winner Youth-Class Marburg November 1997

Winner Youth-Class Straßbourg (France) November 1997, Youth-Champion

Winner Youth-Class Metz (France) October 1997, Youth-Champion, Best in Show

1. Platz in Baby-Class Luxembourg March 1997, Best in Show

In her pedigree you will find many champions in confirmation and working. Click here for more information.

Black Dob Magic Dalton

HD 1,  ZTP Exc. 1A (Norbert Daube),  BH 
Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP): Self-confidence, Temperament und readiness for working and working drives high
(Wanja-Wandor van Stevinhage - HD 1, IPO 3, SchH 3, ADPr, ZTP Exc. 1B,  BH, World-Champion FCI, IDC World-Champion , European Champion VDH & FCI, Bundessieger (2x), DV-Sieger, Belgian and Tchech Clubsieger, Bundes and DV Youth-Sieger
German Champion (DV & VDH), International-, Luxemburg's-, Israelian-, Belgian-, Italian-, Polish-, Tchech- and Hungarian Champion x Tinni van Zomerhof - HD 1, BH, CAC)

Fit for Breeding Test with best grade, both in confirmation and character (ZTP V 1A): 

Self-confidence: High
Temperament: High
Readiness for working: High
Working drives: High
Bite: Full, calm and strong 

Black  Dob Magic Dalton is without any doubt one of the very best males worldwide. Unfortunately he could only proof that during his ZTP with Norbert Daube, main responsible for the breed in Germany. Due to an accident at the age of 7 months, his right hip and knee were seriously damaged. After several surgeries he reached what seemed impossible: His ZTP V 1A. But he could never run harmoniously again after the accident and subsequently he was excluded from winning the titles that he certainly would have won without this accident. Certainly that does not influence his value for the breed.

Norbert Daube described him at his ZTP as follows:

Bite and teeth: Correct
General impression : Strong and dry in type
Hair coat: Short and dense, intensive in color
Markings: Correct in size, dark in color
Head: Correct in length, typical male expression, nearly parallel planes headlines
Upper jaw: Strong 
Under jaw: Strong
Flews: Correct with very good pigmentation
Eyes: Oval, correct position, dark in color
Neck: Correct in length
Back and top line: Correct
Croup: Excellent
Depth of chest: Excellent
Width of chest: Excellent
Abdominal line: Normal
Front angulations/ middle foot: Very good/ correct
Stand: Straight and parallel from all sides
Paws: Short and closed
Hind angulations/ Knee: Excellent/ Correct
Bones: Strong

Both of Dalton's  parents come from blood lines of (world) champions and dogs which passed the tough German "Koerung".