Our Breeding Bitches:

Vallis van het Wantishof

 HD 1, SchH 1, ZTP Exc. 1A (H. Wiblishauser), BH
Best of Breed (Youth) (Dr. Schüler), Winner Youth-Class (Dr. Lebold), (Don Diego van het Sweko - Weltsieger, angekört 2 J., ZTP Exc. 1A
x Britt van het Wantij - Multichampion, IPO I, ZTP Exc. 1B)

Vallis is a decendant of the successful dutch kennel "van het Wantij" from Jaap van Gelder. She was bred under the kennel name "van het Wantishof" by Lilian & Marcel Dekegel in Belgium. 

Jaap and Marcel are the co-owners of the well known stud male Jivago van het Wantij, who sired numerous champions with excellent character worldwide. 

The most remarkable of Vallis are her sound nerves, her solidity and her strength.  She is a very self-confident bitch with a lot of courage and hardness. 

Her development in character could be seen from early childhood on: As a puppy she was already very solid and hard. Vallis approximated strangers always in an extraordinary friendly but at the same time brave manner. The positive experience gained by that helped her to becoming the impressing bitch of today.

Vallis loves the working field, certainly also due to the numerous dogs with the tough German "Körung" in her pedigree. 

She passed her Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP) with best grades ZTP Exc. 1A. She also convinced in her "Schutzhundeprüfung" SchH 1 with a high degree of courage and fighting spirit. 

Vallis is a very compact, firm and strong bitch with excellent angulations. Her forechest is extraordinary well developed - seldom to be seen with bitches. 

There are many Champions and "angekört" dogs to be found in her pedigree. Click here for more information on that.


Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora comes from the well known Dobermann Kennel  "van Diaspora".  This Kennel was during decades a guarantee for champions spreaded over the whole world. Kefira ist is one of the last breeding bitches, assuring the continuation of that marvelous breeding line of numerous champions due to the fact, that the family Kuipers-Kossen gave up breeding in 2000.

Kefira is a typical "van Diaspora": her short and compact body is completed with a dry neck and a wonderful, typical head.

Kefira passed her Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP) with a high degree of temperament, working drives and readiness for working. She loves the working field and it is marvelous to see her work in obedience and manwork.

As a successful bitch in conformation Kefira won with internationally recogniced judges: N. Daube (Hauptzuchtwart DC Germany), Dr. Lebold (former President DC France), C. Pettko (former President DC Ungarn), K. Gendrung (Member of the Board VDH Germany). 

Both of Kefira´s parents have got numerous champions in their progeny.  Click here for more information about her pedigree.

Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora
HD 1, ZTP (H. Wiblishauser), BH 
Hessensiegerin - Best in Show (N. Daube), Saarland-Jugendsiegerin (K. Gendrung), Kurpfalzjugendsiegerin (Dr. Lebold), Europasiegerzuchtschau 1998: SG 2 in Youthclass
Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP): Temperament, readiness for working und working drives high
(Irinus de Ferignis - Multichampion, IPO 3, ZTP Exc. 1A
x Dina Delila van Diaspora - Multichampion, IPO I, ZTP Exc. 1A)

Gravin Yana van Nêerlands Stam 
HD 1, SchH 1 - Schutzdienst 96 Punkte, ZTP Exc. 1A (H. Wiblishauser), BH
Kurpfalzsiegerin  2000 - Best in Show, Europasiegerzuchtschau 1998: Exc. 4 with 22 months, Youth-Champion Strassbourg (Frankreich), Youth-Champion and Best in Show Metz (Frankreich) 
Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP): Self-confidence, Temperament und readiness for working high - working drives very high
(Graaf Sandor van Nêerlands Stam -  IPO 1, ZTP V 1A
x Gini Haiquin de la Tanière d´Or - Holländischer Champion, IPO I)

Gravin Yana van Nêerlands Stam ist a very elegant bitch with extraordinary working drives. On the working field she is extraordinary fast and there is no way of impressing her to slow down. She has got a lot of courage and self confidence.  

She showed this also in her Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP), where she gained the best grades ZTP Exc. 1A. She did also an excellent job during her Schutzhund SchH 1 with 96 Points of possible 100 in manwork. 

Yana is extraordinary friendly with people, in particular she adores children. She patiently can spend hours with a stick or a root in her mouth, waiting for a possibility to play.  When it finally comes to the desired action, she runs like a fool in somersaults behind the stick.  

In terms of confirmation various details can be highlighted: her excellent angulations, her long and dry neck and her beautiful head with parallel planes. At exibitions she was from the beginning very successful: 

Kurpfalzsiegerin 2000, Best in Show 
Exc. 4 Europasiegerschau 1998 with 22 months
Winner Youth-Class Zollern-Baar December 1997
Winner Youth-Class Marburg November 1997
Winner Youth-Class Straßbourg (France) November 1997, Youth- Champion
Winner Youth-Class Metz (France) October 1997, Youth-Champion, Best in Show
1. Platz in Baby-Class Luxembourg March 1997, Best in Show

In her pedigree you will find many champions in confirmation and working. Click here for more information.