Is a Doberman the proper dog for you?

Most Dobermans are very lively and vivacious. If you are looking for a lazy dog, trotting along beside you, then you better stay with another race.

Dobermans are very clinging and tender within the family.  They love children. Because of their protection instinct they  are always ready to protect their family if necessary. But they distinguish very well between "friend and enemy".  You will see your Doberman even happier than you yourself, when welcome visitors arrive. 

By the way, your Doberman will never be in a bad mood. If you leave him for only 5 minutes, you will be very surprised at your return.  Your Doberman will welcome you in such an effusive way, as if he hadn`t seen you for a month. Many Dobermans do that "laughing", forming their mouth to a kind of smile. A gesture that will bring you joy each time you see it.

You will need very few time for the care of your Doberman. A bath will be the exception and the care of his coat works nearly automatically due to his short hair. 

You either won`t need hardness for the education of your Doberman. What you actually need is consequence. A "no" stays a "no" and a "yes" stays a "yes".  Spare yourself and your Doberman any confusion from the beginning on: or he is allowed to lie on your sofa or not. But please not: at sunshine-days he may and when it rains not. No dog on earth can distinguish that.